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Learning White's Technique online - in your own time, at your own pace

The Course

Better Voice is a sixteen-chapter course in White's Technique. It consists of clear explanations, stage-by-stage lessons and structured exercises complete with audio and video demonstrations. It will take you through the principles established by E.G. White, the basis of the technique, progressive developments and more advanced stages, plus important sections on breathing and posture.

Better Voice is a major step forward in the teaching of White's Technique. It's designed to provide the equivalent of a one-to-one learning experience, taking full advantage of the benefits of video and audio technology combined with online accessibility. You follow the course in your own time, at your own pace, in your own choice of location. There's never been a more convenient way of mastering this remarkable technique.

Follow your own schedule

The course is available online, and you'll find it in its own section of this website. This section is open via password to registered course members. Once registered, you simply sign in and visit to suit your own learning schedule. Register using the gold button above.

Better Voice has been written by Jane Farrell, Chairman of the Ernest George White Society, and an experienced speaker and mezzo-soprano in her own right. The Course Adviser, Dr Peter Giles, is a Registered Teacher of White’s Technique and a renowned singer, musical director, speaker and writer on voice.

The online course for people who want to use their voice more effectively, including:


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