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Some questions you might like to ask - about White's Technique and you


  • I really hate the sound of my voice. Can White's Technique change it?

    Your voice is unique, and White's Technique won't change it into a different voice. But it will make it into a better version of you. As you practise, White's Technique will gradually get rid of the less pleasant sounds in your voice and enhance the best sounds, so that not only will you like your voice better but so will anyone listening to you.

  • My voice gets very tired when I speak or sing for a long time. Will White's Technique help me?

    Preventing your voice from getting tired is one of the great benefits of White's Technique. Your voice is designed to be used as much as you want. But it will tire when you speak or sing from your throat. With White's Technique you learn how to take your voice "out of your throat", which automatically stops it getting tired when you use it a lot. Chapter 6 in White's Technique: The Essentials, Help for Failing Voices, is designed for you.

  • I get really nervous when I have to speak in public. Will White's Technique help me to be more confident?

    People who practise White's Technique usually find they become much more confident when they have to use their voice in public. This is because they know they sound good and they know their voice won't let them down. They've also learnt how to breathe and stand better, which stops them getting tense. Chapter 8 in White's Technique: The Essentials, Better Breathing: Sound and Feel Better, and Chapter 9, Good Posture: Sound and Feel Even Better, will help you, as well as the exercises in Chapters 3 to 5.

  • My voice is really weak. Can White's Technique make it stronger?

    Your voice is probably weak because you've got into the habit of producing it in the wrong way. White's Technique will teach you how to produce your voice without strain, and also how to use your head cavities as natural resonators to amplify your voice. Practising the exercises in Chapters 3 to 5 of White's Technique: The Essentials will help you.

  • I get a sore throat a lot. Will White's Technique help that?

    If your sore throat comes on when you have to speak or sing a lot, and gets worse the more you use your voice, then White's Technique will certainly help you. This type of sore throat is a sure sign that you're using your voice in the wrong way, and White's Technique will sort that out. Use the exercises in Chapters 3 to 5 of White's Technique: The Essentials and also consult Chapter 6 on Help for Failing Voices.

  • I've been told I have nodules on my vocal cords. Can I practise White's Technique?

    White's Technique is brilliant if you have damaged vocal cords. You'll learn how to produce your voice in a way that will allow the damage to heal and prevent any further damage. Obviously if you are having medical treatment you should check with your doctor first, but we can guarantee that White's Technique will not harm your voice in any way. See Chapter 6 of White's Technique: The Essentials on Help for Failing Voices.

  • My nose always feels bunged up. Will White's Technique help that?

    There are lots of possible reasons for a bunged up nose, not all of which White's Technique can help. For example, you might get lots of colds, or you might be allergic to something in your environment or your diet. So you need to check out these possibilities. You'll find advice on this in Chapter 7 of White's Technique: The Essentials, Help for Sinus Problems, as well as advice on how to practise when you're really bunged up.

  • I want to be a famous singer but people tell me I can't sing in tune. Can White's Technique help me?

    We have all been given a unique set of talents, and our happiness as well as our success in life depend on making the most of these rather than trying to become something or someone we're not. So if you have never been able to sing in tune you should probably at least consider the possibility that being a singer is not one of the things you were meant to do. However, when practised correctly, White's Technique is guaranteed to improve any voice. White's Technique will also give you a much more focused voice, and this could help you to keep in tune when you sing - though that's not guaranteed.

  • I'm quite elderly. Is it too late to start learning White's Technique?

    It's never too late - to learn White's Technique or do a lot of other things in your life! It will help you to keep your voice strong and healthy, which is a great way to sound and feel younger. If you used to sing but had to stop because your voice was no longer up to it, you may well find that White's Technique give your singing voice a new lease of life too.

  • Will White's Technique help me to attract a partner?

    It could! I'm sure you've had the experience of being attracted to the way someone looks and then being completely put off by the sound of their voice. Or the opposite: someone who you didn't think looked special becomes attractive because they have a good voice and the confidence that goes with it. And even if learning White's Technique doesn't bring you the person of your dreams you'll still end up feeling better about yourself and life when you've got a voice you're proud of.

  • I have a regional accent. Will White's Technique change it?

    Only if you want it to, and work at changing it during your White's Technique practice. Otherwise you'll have the same accent but in a better voice.

  • I already have a singing teacher. Can I carry on having lessons while I learn White's Technique?

    It's not recommended. Your singing teacher is teaching you their way, not White's Technique. So having lessons from them and practising White's Technique at the same time will be like trying to get somewhere in a car while one of your passengers is giving you one set of directions and another is giving you a completely different set. If you try to mix and match the two sets you're highly likely to get you lost. Your teacher's method may get you where you want to go - though by another route - or it may take you somewhere different that you like less. Ideally you should read what White's Technique can promise you, ask your teacher what their method offers, and then make up your mind whose directions you are going to follow.

  • Can I keep singing in my choir while I learn White's Technique?

    It's not ideal, especially at the beginning. Your White's Technique practice is completely retraining the way you use your voice. But every time you go to choir practice you'll slip back into the same old (usually bad) habits of voice production that you've been used to. It's best to take a break from your choir until producing your voice the White's Technique way has become normal and natural for you.

  • Is there anything I need to buy before I can start practising White's Technique?

    No! The only things you will need are an upright chair to sit on and a mirror in which you can see what your mouth and head are doing when you practise the exercises. If you have a keyboard or piano you may find it useful but it's not essential. Chapter 2 of White's Technique: The Essentials, entitled Before You Start, gives you details of how to prepare for your practice. JF: CHECK CHAPTER 2

  • I don't have anywhere private to practise at home. What can I do?

    If you're determined to learn White's Technique then you'll find somewhere, even if it's a friend's house or your car.

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