The Benefits

What White's Technique can do
for your voice - and your life


Here’s what White’s Technique can do for you:

  • Improve your confidence in your voice

  • Make your voice pleasing to listen to

  • Repair damage to your vocal chords (more correctly vocal folds)

  • Prevent future damage to your vocal chords

  • Help you speak or sing as long as necessary without your voice weakening

  • Help you reach high or low notes with confidence

  • Help you increase volume when necessary

  • Increase the power and authority of your voice

  • Help you enunciate so that you can be clearly understood

  • Eliminate woolliness, grating and nasal whine

  • Clear sinus congestion and prevent recurrence

  • Improve your general health through better breathing and posture

Works for people of all ages
Greater voice range
Maximise your potential
Increased power and authority

The online course for people who want to use their voice more effectively, including:


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