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E.G. White and his technique - dedicated to developing the voice safely

E.G. White and his Technique

In the late nineteenth century E.G. White lost his voice because of the teaching methods at a London music school. As a result he devised what we now know as White’s Technique, an original way of using and developing the voice safely.

White’s Technique concentrates on using the sinus cavities in the head, instead of the vocal folds in the throat, to produce sound. This takes all the strain off the throat, and transforms the capabilities of both the speaking and singing voice.

Works for people of all ages
For people of all ages
Maximise your potential
For speakers and singers

Better Voice, Better Health

White's Technique works for both sexes and for all ages and levels, from children to seniors, from beginners to professionals. It's guaranteed to improve your voice and not to harm it - provided you follow the practice instructions - and it also protects your voice against possible future damage.

The technique can help with long-standing vocal problems such as damaged vocal cords (or vocal folds), chronic sinus congestion and even stammering. What's more, as it's a holistic technique it promotes general health and well-being as well as vocal development.

It's been used by singers of all types from rock to opera, by professionals who speak in public or who rely on their voice for their work, and by many who simply want to feel better about themselves and their voice.

White’s Technique has also been appreciated by those women who have found themselves vulnerable to vocal difficulties as the years go by, perhaps developing a quaver in the voice or a tendency for the timbre to break. This can lead to uneasiness in public speaking and, for choral singers, increasing comfort in the alto rather than soprano range. White’s Technique is a proven solution to such problems. 

The work of E.G. White is carried on by the E.G. White Society, which trains and registers teachers of the technique and publishes the Better Voice online course.

The online course for people who want to use their voice more effectively, including:


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